Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment in Liverpool

At Bold Street Clinic, our aesthetics and slimming clinic in Liverpool offers a unique and innovative approach to pain relief and aesthetics with specialised Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment. This revolutionary treatment, commonly referred to as Trapezius Botox, has been gaining popularity among individuals seeking both relief from muscle pain and the slimming aesthetic component of this procedure.

Understanding Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment

Our Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment in Liverpool combines medical expertise with aesthetic finesse. Using our high-quality anti-wrinkle injections, we carefully administer the product into the trapezius muscle, targeting and alleviating shoulder and neck pain while simultaneously reducing the visible tension.

The procedure involves the injection of a small needle into the trapezius muscle, effectively relaxing the muscle and mitigating tension. Over a few weeks post-treatment, patients often notice a reduction in muscle bulkiness, resulting in a slimmer and more relaxed shoulder profile. This transformation occurs because our specialist anti-wrinkle injections will block the effects of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger that triggers muscle contractions. The side-effect of this shoulder muscle injection can be a smoother shoulder line.

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The Benefits of our Trapezius Muscle Pain Treatment in Liverpool

Patients seek Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment at Bold Street Clinic for a variety of reasons, primarily to find relief from upper back and shoulder pain. This innovative treatment effectively relaxes the trapezius muscle, reducing tension and the likelihood of experiencing stiff neck and shoulder pain. Many patients have reported that the relief provided by this treatment is more powerful and longer-lasting compared to numerous sessions of physical therapy or massage.

Aside from pain relief, patients also recognise aesthetic changes, such as defined and straighter-angled shoulders. Strong and bulky trapezius muscles can sometimes create the appearance of a shortened neck and a widened shoulder and neck region. Our Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment in Liverpool creates a smoother transition from the neck to the shoulder, resulting in feminine, elongated neck lines.


Considerations & Potential Downsides

As with any medical procedure, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment. While this treatment is generally well-tolerated, there is a potential for temporary muscle weakness in the treated area. This weakness may affect muscle function momentarily, and patients should be monitored carefully during the recovery period.


“Dr Paul was amazing! I was so scared having anti wrinkle injections for the first time but he completely put me at ease, really thorough with his assessment and aftercare. I felt very well looked after with a Doctor carrying out the procedure. The girls were so welcoming and friendly too! Definitely be returning!”

Yvette Lemaire

“Julie at reception was very helpful really made me feel at ease. Dr. Paul was brilliant and talked me through everything from start to finish. The treatment went smoothly – I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Faye McLoughlin

“I had such a great experience with Dr Paul. He was super helpful throughout and I really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere. Thank you so much – I’ll definitely be coming back!”

Ali Jenkins

“Annie has been so wondering from day one. I’ve really struggled with my weight over the past few years and have never really got very far by myself. The coaching sessions I’ve been on with Annie have really helped me turn things around. Amazing!”

Philippa Gregory

“Great staff, friendly and helpful. Lost 1.5 stone with the help of the slimming tablets and advice from the staff/doctor.”

Kelly Cave

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Bold Street Clinic in Liverpool offers an advanced solution to trapezius muscle pain and tension with our Trapezius Neurotoxin Treatment. Patients seeking relief from shoulder pain, tension, and aesthetic enhancement can find the perfect balance at our clinic. Experience the transformative benefits of Trapezius Botox and rediscover a pain-free, confident you.

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