Is lockdown living affecting your skin health? We have the solution…

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Our day to day lives have drastically changed in 2020. We are spending more time at home, less time outdoors and possibly eating and drinking all the things that we shouldn’t be. As well as an increase in stress levels and lack of sleep, this is all having a negative impact on our skin.

So, what can we do about it?

  1. First and foremost, manage your stress levels. When we are faced with stress, our adrenal glands produce an increase in cortisol, which is great for helping us to deal with a stressor but it also increases sugar levels in the blood stream and an increase in sebum, which may be the cause of skin breakouts. Take some time each day to relax, do some yoga, read a book, or focus on a hobby. Anything that will relax your mind.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Drinking 8 glasses of filtered water daily will help your body get rid of toxins. Water promotes gut health, aids in nutrient absorption and will give your skin a healthy radiant glow. If you do not enjoy plain water, try adding slices of fruit to a glass of water, like orange and lemon slices or cucumber and mint leaves.
  3. Nutrition – we are what we eat and so is our skin. If we consume inflammatory foods like refined carbohydrates, processed food, sugar and alcohol, our skin can look tired, dry and be prone to breakouts. However, if we nourish our skin by eating a healthy balanced diet, including protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables we will be rewarded with nourished, healthy looking skin.

Some good food choices:

Fatty fish

Like salmon, sardines and mackerel contain omega-3 fats, vitamin E and zinc which are all especially important for skin health. Fatty fish is also a good source of protein, which is important for the strength and integrity of our skin. A deficiency in omega-3’s can cause dry, damaged skin. Aim for 2 to 3 portions of fatty fish a week.

Sweet potatoes

Contain beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. It acts as a natural sunblock and may prevent dry, wrinkled skin. Vitamin A is essential for collagen production and controls keratin, which makes up most of our skin cells. A bonus to eating a high amount of beta carotene, is a possible warm healthy glow to the skin. CARROTS, WINTER SQUASHES and CANTALOUPE MELONS are other good sources of beta carotene.

Red grapes

Contain resveratrol which slows down the effects of aging and they make a perfect afternoon snack along with a handful of nuts. Unfortunately, drinking red wine does not have the same effect. Sigh!

Sunflower seeds

Nuts and seeds in general are packed with skin boosting nutrients. An ounce of sunflower seeds, for example, contains vitamin E, selenium, zinc and protein. Just 2 brazil nuts a day provides your daily requirement of selenium.  Selenium stops free radical damage, preventing wrinkles forming and is also important for skin cell membranes. Add seeds and/or nuts to soups, salads, cereal or yoghurt.

Other important nutrients for your skin include vitamin C, B vitamins and collagen, which are important proteins for skin health, found in meat, fish, citrus fruits and red and yellow vegetables.


Finally, don’t forget your skin care routine. Cleanse, exfoliate (twice weekly), tone and moisturise your skin daily.


If you incorporate the above into your daily life, you will not only notice a boost to your energy and mood but will also enjoy a brighter, clearer complexion to show off to the world.  Beautiful healthy skin is only a few steps away.

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