Botox Where?

Botox, Where?

Anti Wrinkle Injections, more commonly known as Botox, have in recent years become an increasingly popular treatment of choice amongst men and women of all ages. Mainly used to smooth and even prevent lines and wrinkles forming.


The most common areas of choice being the forehead. Used to smooth lines such as ‘frown lines’ and around the eyes smoothing and preventing ‘crows feet’. But, did you know, medical professionals are now using Botox in other areas of the face to create more aesthetic enhancements.


Masseter Botox

The Masseter muscle is the muscle located between the cheek and the jaw. This muscle is responsible for aiding in chewing. In some cases, the masseter muscle can cause problems such as clenching of the jaw, this gives the appearance of a wider face. Botox in this muscle can help relax the muscle and create a slimmer facial silhouette.


The Lip Flip Botox

Botox can be injected into the middle of the upper lip to help relax the orbicularis oris muscle. Doing this creates a very slight drop and curl upwards of the lip, which gives the appearance of a fuller pout.


Necklace Lines

‘Necklace bands’, ‘turkey neck’ are just some of the common terms used for this problem area. Overstimulation of the platysma muscle, that runs from the lower cheek, down, over the clavicles and across the curve of the neck is most commonly responsible for causing these lines. Botox can be injected into the Platysma to relax this muscle, giving a smoother more taught appearance to the neck area. Less turkey and more Cleopatra!


These treatments are more advance than the more familiar areas of Botox we all know. It is, always recommended seeking out a highly skilled medical professional to undergo any of these treatments to ensure suitability.

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“Dr Paul was amazing! I was so scared having anti wrinkle injections for the first time but he completely put me at ease, really thorough with his assessment and aftercare. I felt very well looked after with a Doctor carrying out the procedure. The girls were so welcoming and friendly too! Definitely be returning!”

Yvette Lemaire

“Julie at reception was very helpful really made me feel at ease. Dr. Paul was brilliant and talked me through everything from start to finish. The treatment went smoothly – I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Faye McLoughlin

“I had such a great experience with Dr Paul. He was super helpful throughout and I really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere. Thank you so much – I’ll definitely be coming back!”

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“Annie has been so wondering from day one. I’ve really struggled with my weight over the past few years and have never really got very far by myself. The coaching sessions I’ve been on with Annie have really helped me turn things around. Amazing!”

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“Great staff, friendly and helpful. Lost 1.5 stone with the help of the slimming tablets and advice from the staff/doctor.”

Kelly Cave

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